What are they?: This is when there is App Updates or Reports Updates/hotfixes that occur outside of Version Releases updates/bug fixes/etc.

When to the occur?: These are reviewed/posted every Tuesday and Thursday Morning. Documentation is either done at the same time or later depending on need and urgency. 

Where does one find them/post them?: App Updates and Reports Updates Tags are added to FreshDesk tickets by Development/Reports Development. App Updates/Reports Updates Tags are added to Asana tasks by Development/Reports Development.

Posting occurs in WordPress > Posts.

Why is it occurring?: These are immediate fixes that can either go out ASAP, or need to go out ASAP.

How to find them?: FreshDesk > Tickets Module > clear all Filters > in Tags field, enter App Update or Reports Update.
Asana > user will be Assigned task that has an App Update or Report Update tag on in. (I personally work off emails that I get when these are assigned to me and leave them in my email as a To Do until complete.)

App Update/Reports Update Testing (as needed)

  • Completed per Note pinging me to test and ensure hotfix is good to roll out.

  • In FreshDesk, but I work off email notifications for Notes for these, cause they don't add tag until it's ready to push. 

  • Add notes for Dev/Reports dev as needed and assign back to their group.

  • Complete before Hotfix push.

  • For those in Asana, open those tasks via the email I have saved in my emails. 
  • Test them as needed. 
  • Assign back to Assigner with Notes.
  • Leave email in my emails for refencing when App Update Posts are due.

App Update/Reports Update Posts

  • Completed Tues/Thurs mornings.

  • In WordPress, go to Posts

  • Click into the most recent Post for App Update/Reports Update, click Copy to new draft

  • Update the date at top of post

  • Remove all previous lines (keep bullet points intact, we space out the bullet points and don’t have them run one on top of the other.

  • Remove all previous tags

  • In FreshDesk, filter for only Tag = App Update or Reports Update

  • Click into each ticket, find the Note from development with the “Release Note” info, copy that and past it in as a line in the Post

  • If there isn’t a specific “Release Note” then either decipher the note they did leave, and/or read the entire ticket to find basic info on the hotfix. This is common for Reports Update. These some times have lots of updates done per Report. See Reports Update posts for examples. 

  • Add "App Update 08/17/2021 or AU081721" (or Reports Update) as a note. (This helps with searching for tickets specifically related to app updates as needed for support.)

  • Remove App Update/Reports Update tag, click save on filters. 

  • For those in Asana, open those tasks via the email I have saved in my emails. 

  • Copy and paste info as needed into Post

  • Add comment to task "App Update 08/17/2021 or AU081721".

  • Complete task in Asana. 

  • Add tags to Post reflective of the post lines. 

  • Publish. 

App Update/Reports Update Documentation

  • Tag for Documentation as needed, if it’s not a bug and rather a change that warrants updating documentation. 

  • Depending on the change, complete ASAP or leave in the documentation queue to work at a later time.