Details are clutch for providing feedback or submitting documentation requests:

  1. If the current location of the documentation information isn't where it's supposed to be, then please indicate where it should be located. 
    • Including WHY is also helpful to understand the logic/reason so we can apply this to other pages we create moving forward.
  2. If we can make an FAQ more broad by making it a Tutorial, then please let us know.
    • Include any additional information we can add to the page to make it more effective. 
      1. Especially tags, because we didn't tag pages from the get go, so if you search for something and it's not there, ask, then if we find where it's located, please let me know where I can add tags, and what tags to add. 

The person writing the documentation is not an expert in ALL things... so likely there are areas that they may not be privy too, so not something they can easily just know needs to be updated, therefore any and all info is helpful.

Literally any/all detailed communication on how to improve, update, add, is helpful.