There might be some documentation that gets assigned to Support to help create. 

  1. QA/Documentation will assign Asana Task to Support team members with a Priority on it and LOCATE Task Progress:

    1. Priority:

      1. Unassigned - Should never be in unassigned if assigned to Support Team

      2. Low - Can be done at any time. No immediate need. 

      3. Medium - Should be completed within the Month. 

      4. High - Needs to be completed ASAP.

    1. LOCATE Task Progress:

      1. Unassigned - Should never be in unassigned if assigned to Support Team

      2. Not Started - Assigned to user but not yet started by user

      3. In Progress - If a user understands and accepts a task they will place in this status. 

        1. If not, they will place in the name of the assigner with clarifying questions and move to Deferred

      4. For Review (previously Waiting) - Once the user has completed the task and is awaiting creation/completion by the assigner, they will place in For Review AND assign back to the assigner. 

      5. Deferred - If for whatever reason the task needs to be passed back and forth to another person for further discussion, the progress should be deferred. 

      6. Reviewing - Once the status is placed in For Review and assigned back over to original Assignee for review, they will place in Reviewing.

      7. Done - Once the documentation task has been completed the status will change to Done. 

  1. Once the documentation is completed. A link to the final page will be added to the comments for reference. 

  2. If this task was related to a ticket or external/internal request, the final documentation page will be documented in the ticket or an update will be made with the initial submission.

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