1. Tasks will live with the Dev team until they are ready for testing/documentation

  2. At that time the Task will be:

    1. Assignee: QA department AKA Michelle

    2. Testing Status

      1. Needs Testing - If the task requires testing

      2. Testing and Approved - If Dev has tested and approved on their own, they can update to this status and move onto assigning

      3. No Testing Needed - If the task does not require testing

    1. Documentation Status:

      1. Needs Documentation - If it’s a new feature, an update to a feature, or just changes what we have documented in ANY WAY, even just a word in the UI that we might have screenshots of.

      2. Documentation in Progress (Documentation persons only) - Indicating that the documentation is in progress. There might be a need for a complete overhaul of the page so this status is to indicate that the changes need to be made, and are in progress. 

      3. Documentation Complete (Documentation persons only) - Indicating that all potential documentation updates have been made that are affected by this task.

      4. No Documentation Needed - No documentation is needed for this task, as it might have been a bug fix or something else that isn’t documentation worthy. 

  1. Once QA receives the task she will test and document as needed, and update the status accordingly (see above).

    1. Once moved to tested and approved, the task will be unassign from assignee, to indicate that the task has been tested and ready for release, however the documentation status might still be in progress, not needed, or complete. 

      1. Documentation status should not/will not hold up the release. 

    2. Then once the version is released, those that were unassigned and documentation is complete, will be MARKED AS COMPLETE. Some may still be pending documentaiton. 

      1. The goal is to have the documentation updated by release, but it may not always be the case given the workload. 

  2. If the Task was a Customer Request, Partner Request or Internal Request, QA is tagging those accordingly and then upon release, QA will personally notify the Customer, Partner or Employee that their task has been completed and pushed. 

    1. “Hi! We released this Feature Request this week in our 1.8.3 update. Please review and ensure that it's working as expected. If not, please let us know. Thank you!”

Last Word: Michelle