When the Accounting Service gets created, the accounting implementer will also set up the Payment Method Setting notification to notify the Accounting group or designated users when NEW PAYMENT METHOD were CREATED. Upon receiving this notification, the user should go into the LOCATE instance into Setup > Payment Methods and map the payment method to the correct clearing account. 

How are these Payment Methods created?

When the eCommerce channels (shopping cart services) in LOCATE are first connected, activated, and orders will begin to flow in creating SO’s, the payment methods associated with those orders/channels will get created along with the first accounting posting that will be the prepayment JE: Dr clearing account | Cr unearned revenue. 

For example your Shopify cart could be set up for PayPal, Amazon, and Shopify credit; thus three different payment methods could be created. There could be more based on the payment processor. If you want to post these to separate clearing account you will have to re-map them from the default to the clearing account you want. It's ideal that the clearing accounts match what you will receive in the bank deposit. These might better align with the Payment Processor. Clearing accounts are designed to make reconciling easier for your accounting team, so make sure that whatever channels flow through the clearing account are the same channels corresponding to the bank deposit. 

There is a Payment Summary by Network report in LOCATE that will help you re-class the initial payments that went to the default.