Welcome Email

  • Send an email to the contacts that LOCATE Champion/POC has indicated as the accounting stakeholders.

    • It's VITAL to suss out truly who needs to be apart of Accounting calls and training's.

    • We will typically ask who will be apart of the day to day (Bookkeepers, Accountants, Controllers, etc), who will be interaction on a more quarterly or yearly basis (Business Consultants, CPA's, CFO's) and who will want to understand how the accounting/reporting of accounting is working for Purchasing, Sales, Operational purposes.

    • Invite all those who should be privy to how the Accounting in LOCATE will be set up, to the meeting.

    • Get a copy of their CURRENT Chart of Accounts from the accounting platform, ideally as an excel or pdf file. This will be used during the call

Email Template

Subject: Accounting Introduction and Meeting - (Company Name

Good Afternoon,

We wanted to take a moment to say hello, and welcome to LOCATE! My name is Michelle, and I'm a part of the Accounting team here at LOCATE Inventory.


We will be working with you on LOCATE accounting and its integration with your accounting platform. We need to set up a call to go over your Chart of Accounts and its mapping with LOCATE, plus some other key items. 

What day and time would work best for you this week? It would take about an hour, maybe longer depending on questions/conversations. Also, please let us know if there is anyone else you would like us to include on the call.